Monday, November 16, 2009

Matthew's Birthday Party

Our son Matthew's birthday is the 12th of November. My wife actually went into labour just as Remembrance Day ceremonies were finishing up, which we were thankfully watching on the CBC.

This year the 12th fell on a Thursday which not the best day for a party, so we planned to have it on the following Sunday. We opened a box of presents from my mom on Thursday which included two neat toys from Megablocks, some good clothes, and a flying helicopter thing from Wowee. We took Matthew out for supper at the Stone Road Mall and he spent his birthday money (a $30 gift card for Sears plus $25 from his grandmother Harris). He used it to by a bunch of Lego Star Wars stuff, including Echo Base on Hoth and a couple of small Clone Trooper Walkers.
The SCA event and guests plus the Birthday made for a rather gruelling weekend. Eve's work on the scrolls on Thursday and Friday added to her level of exhaustion. I forgot to add in my previous blog that much of her layout work done on Thursday night was ruined when the cat knocked a cup of water onto the scrolls Friday evening, so she had to start from scratch.

Our guests departed at around 10:30 am Sunday morning. Eve went out to get our groceries and I started some mad, panicked cleaning. I had a heap of dishes to do and a bunch of general tiding up. I didn't know if any of the parents of the kids were staying and I wanted the place to look a bit more respectable. Matthew had invited 5 friends, four from school and a former neighbour of ours, Milan, who had moved to Kitchener. We sent out the invitations about two weeks before the party and Milan's mom got back to us right away saying he would be there. Two other parents got back to us the Friday before the party saying their kids would be there. We don't have a huge place so three kids plus Matthew is actually pretty reasonable.

The party was planned to run from 2 pm until 5 pm. Eve got back from groceries about 1:15 and then started to work on the cake. Matthew wanted a cake that looked like the NX-01 Enterprise from the recent series. Eve accomplished this in spades by carefully cutting cake pieces and assembling them (see pictures). It was then covered in blue icing and sprinkled with moons and stars.
For some reason Milan didn't come and we're still not sure why. I tried his mom's cell phone and home number but I didn't get any answer. (Update: It turns out Milan's uncle was taken ill and had to go into Emergency in Kitchener which is why Milan couldn't come. Milian's mom will drop off Matthew's present some time next week.) Anyways, two of his friends from school did come, Austyn and Nick. They had a lot of fun messing around with Matthew's toys and playing some games on our X-Box 360. We had lots of snacks and Kool-Aid Jammers and we also served pizza and cake. Matthew got a cool Hotwheels set with a car that changes colour depending on what temp water you put it into and a $25 gift card for Wal-Mart.
We also announced his big present. Eve managed to get two of the Greyhound season tickets to the Maple Leafs, so next Saturday Matthew and I will be watching the Leafs vs Caps from really nice seats. We're planning on taking the bus in Saturday morning as a family and staying at a hotel that has a company rate. We'll have an early dinner as a family then Matthew and I will head off to the game. We'll stay over and head back on Sunday. It should be fun and it would be nice if the Leafs could win for a change.
I think that's all for now. I may post something on our trip next week.

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