Monday, August 31, 2009

New Blog/Practice in Eoforwic


I have a blog! Cool! As seems the case with most blogs, this one will be infrequently updated, mostly when something of some interest happens.

Yesterday I trekked from my home in Guelph into the Royal City of Eoforwic (known to most as Toronto) to deliver a shipment of freshly painted miniatures to my only customer and very good friend Dave Clark. The delivery consisted of the following: 1 Rohan Captain on horse, 3 Rohan Royal Guards, Eomer, Theoden, 1 Rohan warrior w/banner, 1 Rohan hornblower, 1 Khandish Cheiftain, 6 Dead Marsh Specters and 15 Black Numenoreans.

I met up with Dave at the Society for Creative Anachronisim (SCA) fight practice hosted by Eoforwic, which takes place in Monarch Park near Danforth and Greenwood. I got there by taking the Grehound bus from Guelph, which I ride for free thanks to my darling wife, and TTC'd it the rest of the way. It actually went quite smoothly and I arrived at 2:30, exactly when I said I would with the minatures and my fencing gear. I was happy to see a group of Eoforwicians grouped together by a park bench, including Dave (known as Gunther in the SCA) Nicolaa, Medb, Jocelyn, Angus (with daughter Aurora in tow) and a couple of other gentles whose names escape me. I delivered the miniatures to Gunther and picked up my cheque.

There was a distinctive lack of armoured combatants, but fortunately for me Lady Jocelyn had brought her rapier gear. I spent a wonderful hour and a half fencing with her off and on. She is a very skilled fencer and was a delight to cross swords with. She has been doing a lot of training with Baroness Eyrny and it really showed in her technique. After the practice broke up Lord Angus invited me to accompany him and his daughter to the Inn of the Golden Arches, which I accepted. Even nicer, he covered my tab for the meal, for which I am very grateful. After a bit of rushing I managed to get to the Bus Terminal in time to catch my 5:30 bus home.

It was nice to travel to Eoforwic but I'm not sure how often I can do it. I really missed Eve and the kids while I was away and the trip basically kills the whole day. I kept seeing kids that reminded me of my kids and it made me miss them even more. I hope to go again someday, but probably not anytime soon. I did have a lot of fun and it's always nice to see people from my old group again. Hopefully I'll see them again at some of the upcoming events, like Volley of Arrows, Coronation and the Icelandic Althing.

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  1. It was good to have you come out. Your mini painting is really top notch.